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Cold storage

We use our cold storage for the best protection of walnut and almond seedlings after harvesting until the time of sale and transportation. Saplings are protected at +4 degrees in the cold storage. In this way, it is preserved much more efficiently than standing under the ground. Panç Fidancılık is the first company to implement the cold storage application. In our warehouse, which consists of 3 large sections, the saplings are marked according to their types and where they will go. According to these signs, it is preserved in its own parts without any damage to its roots.

Since there is continuous dismantling and shipping, there is no need to wait too long. But if our customer wants to buy it towards the summer, we can keep it fresh for 4-5 months when necessary. In this way, we can keep the seedling rate at very high levels during planting. We are the company with the best seedling retention rate in our region. Since all of our saplings are certified, our customers, who are sure that they have already bought the best quality seedlings, know for sure that they have bought healthy and correct seedlings thanks to our cold storage.