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Panç Fidancılık

Our company began producing grafted walnuts and almond seedlings since the early 1990s; until today, it is in the first place in the industry with a stable and high-quality products.

We are the first company to export walnut seedlings in our country. Our company is the first priority in the production of grafted walnuts and almond seedlings; All kinds of seedlings must be far from all diseases and pests, standards must meet from disaster.

Based on these basic principles, we produce 300,000 grafted walnuts and more than 100.00 almond seedlings, as well as open and tubular products, and we make a large contribution to our country’s economy, selling them both domestically and abroad . The structure of our producer, requesting seedlings, is checked by our technical staff, the most suitable walnut and almond varieties are determined by technical support for pre-planting and sewing. Our company is closely monitoring the development of these species.
Our company, which is able to sell nuts and almond fruits in our country, can sell these products to the external market and our company closely follows the developments of these species. In this environment it is very important that the most efficient produce of nuts and almonds, which is the most profitable investment in fruits with high quality and standard varieties required in the domestic and foreign markets, is very important. In the world of walnut production the most popular, for example, Chandler Fernor and Fernette, as well as the local varieties of the Bilecik, ebin and Yalova varieties.

In areas that are late flowering, we recommend almond, Ferragnes, Ferraduel, Lauranne and Tuono in the varieties of almond and Nonpareil, Teksas (Mission) and Carmel varieties for temperate regions.

* We will help you choose the most suitable seedlings for your region when choosing the type of seedlings that you plant,
* We keep our prices reasonable, because we ourselves produce seedlings,
* We are preparing the necessary documents for state support,
* We carefully pack your seedling orders and deliver them to you at very reasonable prices,
* We help you plant your seedlings and ensure maximum efficiency in the future.

Our customers are valuable to us, our customers, who have bought us for many years, always choose us for the following reason:
“We will never send seedlings that we do not see worthy of our garden for our customers ….