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Walnut Sapling

We grow the best quality foreign walnut seedlings and we are surpassed by our cambridge university approved rootstocks. All seedlings are classified as labeled and the healthiest seedlings are selected by checking them one by one. In order to get goverment support, you should choose certified seedlings. All the saplings we produce as Panç Fidancılık are certified.

Walnut Sapling Types

Chandler Sapling

In Chandler, a nut whisk, fruit from 1 to 4, thin bark, slightly rough, oval, variety.
It is easy to separate from the shell. It can be used as dry and fresh walnut. In the same ecology, it blooms a week after Bilecik and 3 weeks after the diversity of Yalova. This is a species that can withstand spring frosts in the regions before the passage. The output in buds is 85-90%. Very effective. The coefficient of internal whiteness is 90-100%. The average strength is growing. It develops semi-vertically. It is not affected by a bacterial burn, because it is a late leaf.

-Fruit weight = 13 g
-Internal weight = 6.5.7 g
-Internal rate = 49-52%
-Oil ratio = 70%
-Protein = 23%
-Pollinator = Frankett

Fernor Sapling

Fernor Walnut Fruit seedlings consist of 1-4. The tree grows vertically. It has a thin crust and a long fruit shape. Late blooming. It is easy to separate from the shell. It is suitable for consumption as dry walnut. This is a hybrid Franquette, which gives the Lara variety on the side branches.

-Fruit weight: 11-12 g
-Internal efficiency: 42-47%
-Oil ratio: 69%
-Protein: 21%

Fernette Sapling

Fernette walnut seedlings are a hybrid of Franguetta X Lara. French origin is a productive variety. It blooms late. Pollinator – Saplings Fernor Walnut. Ecological systems in which the continental climate prevails should be recommended.

Franquette Sapling

Franquette saplings will become large and vertical trees after development. Fruits long visible from the side. Franquette as a pollinator – Chandler walnut seedlings as well.

– Eharder – Chandler, and walnut seedlings.
– It is recommended to sow in the area of 1 Franquette seeds, in the area where 10 seedlings of Chandler walnut are planted, as well.
– Although it is a pollinator, but it gives fruit and its fruits become long.
– The weight of fruit varies from 11 to 12 gr.
– The leaves opens late. Spring frosts it does not affect.
– The internal rate of fruit is about 50 percent.

Pedro Sapling

Pedro Walnut Sapling – This is a Conway Mayette x Payne hybrid. It is used as a kind of pollinator for early flowering varieties.

After 15 days, leaves open after Paine. Late bloom. The fruit on the side of the buds is 65%. The internal weight of a walnut is 5.6 grams, the internal efficiency is 47%, and the light color of a walnut is 85%. Poor sheath adhesion. Fruit quality is low in hot areas. Wood is oil and needs heavy pruning to maintain its strength.

Lara Sapling

LARA – This is a walnut with a high yield of side branches. Due to its French origin, it is pollinated by French fernet and walnut types of franquetta. In addition to the fact that it is one of the suitable types of walnut for areas with high altitude, it has high yields. The fruits are very high in the lateral branches. At the age of 5 years 10 per 1 ton, 8-9 years from 4 to 5 tons of walnut, can give 13 grams of dry shell, without shell 6-7 grams of the weight of the fruit. From 45% to 50% of the crop between them. Walnut Lara can be planted over 1000 heights and higher heights. Lara walnut, which is recommended to be planted on the south side on the slopes of a hill or a slope, gives higher yields than walnuts on the northern slopes.