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Reliable name in certified saplings Panç Fidancılık

Reliable Name in Sapling, Panç Fidancılık…

One of the issues to be considered while purchasing Walnut Saplings is the certificate. In order to benefit from government support, the seedlings you buy must be certified.

Certified saplings mean that the necessary controls have been made by the Ministry of Agriculture, by the General Directorate of Seed Registration Certification; According to the declarations given, it means saplings whose documents have been completed. In the production of certified seedlings, soil controls of the land where seedlings will be produced are carried out and the seedlings are examined by the officials of the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture throughout the year.

Therefore, the saplings you buy from Panç Nursery; You always know that there are healthy, high quality, inspected and available seedlings.

What are the Advantages of Planting Certified Saplings?

– If you plant disease-free saplings.
-You plant quality saplings.
-You plant seedlings inspected by the state.
-You plant saplings that you can get support.

It should also be noted that the seedling certificates belong to the person or institution that sold the seedlings to you.
As Panç Nursery, all of the saplings we sell to our customers are certified and subject to government support. You can find examples of some of our certificates and certificate documents below.