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Walnut Sapling Removal and Planting

The removal of walnut seedlings takes place after the seedlings shed their leaves, according to climatic conditions. Walnut sapling removal in Bandırma coincides with November. The removal and planting of open-rooted walnut saplings can be carried out until the end of March. Open rooted walnut saplings cannot be planted in April. The reason for this is that the saplings start walking with water. A walnut sapling produced with open root is a strong seedling in terms of root, height and trunk. We produce open rooted walnut saplings of Chandler, Fernor, Pedro, Franquette, Fernette, Lara, Şebin, Bilecik and Yalova.

Care should be taken during the removal of walnut saplings and the roots should not be damaged. All the saplings are removed by experts in their field without damaging the roots, and they are divided into groups according to their types and taken to our cold storage. As Panç Nursery, which established the first cold storage in Bandırma, we protect the saplings in the best way during the entire storage and shipping period. Our saplings, of which you are sure of their species and certificates, are sent both domestically and abroad quickly and without any problems. Thus, you make sure that you get the most correct and healthy seedlings.

We recommend that you dig pits with a depth of at least 50 cm and a diameter of 40 cm for planting the seedlings you bought from the Panç nursery.