Almond Sapling

Ferragnes Almond Sapling

Ferragnes is a cultivar of almond tree (Prunus dulcis) that is known for its large, high-quality nuts and strong, upright growth habit.


Ferraduel Almond Sapling

Trees grow medium and splayed. It draws attention with the quality of its almonds.


Nonpareil Almond Sapling

The Nonpareil almond tree is a cultivar of the Prunus dulcis species, also known as the sweet almond tree.


Texas Almond Sapling

The trees grow strong and upright.It is efficient.Fruits are slightly tall and puffy.Fruit peel is medium hard.Internal efficiency is 50%, double almond rate is 20-30%.Harvest time: It is the second and third week of September.Pollinators: Nonpariel, Ne Plus Ultra


Ne Plus Ultra Almond Sapling

Its trees are strong and productive.It blooms in the middle late.Fruit peel is hard.The quality of medium almond kernels is quite good.Internal efficiency is 45-48%, double almond rate is 15-30%.Harvest time: It is the middle of September.Pollinators: Nonpariel.


Tuono Almond Sapling

Tuono Almond Sapling is a cultivar of almond tree that is known for its high yields of large, high-quality nuts with thin shells and a sweet, rich flavor.


Cristomorto Almond Sapling

It is a variety of Italy origin.The growth strength of the tree is good.Flower buds are formed on branches one and two years old.Internal efficiency is 20-25%, double almond rate is 10-30%.Pollinators: Ferragnes, Ferraduel, Ferrastar

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