Walnut Sapling

Chandler Sapling

The Chandler walnut tree is a productive, disease-resistant, and high-density suitable for planting variety. It is popular in the US and grown in most parts of the world. It is suitable for planting at elevations between 600 and 1200 meters. It can be planted in full sun or partial shade. The yields are high and can double the number of trees per hectare. It can be planted from March to November. Irrigation is necessary during the summer months. It can produce 30-40 kilograms of walnuts per hectare.


Lara Walnut Sapling

Lara walnut sapling should be the preferred sapling type for walnut gardens to be established in high altitudes. It is a frequently preferred sapling type in our country because it shows profitability in many regions. Lara walnut sapling has a high lateral branch yield. This increases the profitability of the Lara walnut garden. The choice […]


Fernor Sapling

Fernor walnut tree is a variety of walnut tree that is known for producing large, high-quality nuts and having a strong, straight trunk. It is used for commercial nut production and in landscaping design. To promote the healthy growth of Fernor walnut trees, the right growing conditions and protection from pests and diseases must be provided. This may include providing the tree with adequate sunlight, water, and nutrients, and pruning the tree. The tree may also need to be protected from pests and treated with pesticides if necessary. With proper care, Fernor walnut trees will produce high-quality nuts.


Fernette Sapling

Fernette walnut tree can be grown in homes and gardens because it is smaller than other walnut trees. Fernette walnut tree can be grafted, which makes the walnut tree stronger and healthier.


Franquette Sapling

Franquette saplings will become large and vertical trees after development. Fruits long visible from the side. Franquette as a pollinator – Chandler walnut seedlings as well.


Iverto Sapling

The Argentine-originated Iverto walnut is used as a good pollinator for the Chandler variety due to its long-term presence on the tree. Its fruits are medium-sized and have a dry peel and the tree has an average development and is disease-resistant. Iverto Walnut Seedling Production: Eye grafting and whip-grafting methods are used in walnut seedling […]

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